Secure Streaming Solutions

The Streaming Factory provides a completely secure streaming service through Akamai's Live Token Authentication as well as access to Microsoft's Digital Rights Management software for subscription services and pay-per-view.

Monetization strategies require content owners to protect their assets from viral distribution. The Streaming Factory gives content providers the ability to create, delivery business rules enforced by Akamai's Secure Streaming Services. With Akamai's Secure Streaming Services, end users must view the media through the workflow designated by the publisher.

Time Based is the most popular content protection offered by The Streaming Factory. Content owners use this product to publish content with a query string parameter token that includes a expiration timestamp. This private token is created on-the-fly in a server-side implementation, and can be used to create unique publishing URLs for each end user request. Time Based security prevents free distribution of content outside the workflow designated by the publisher.

GEO Blocking
GEO Blocking allows publishers to restrict content to end users in specified locations. The IP address of incoming requests is checked against a current list of IP allocations. The feature has both an Include and an Exclude list which are used to target the allowed audience. If an end user's IP address is found on the Include list, or is not found on the Exclude list, they are allowed access to the content. GEO Blocking can be assigned by country, US State, US City, US Zip Code, or DMA.

HTTP Referrer Restriction
HTTP Referrer Restriction is a security product that prevents anyone accessing content that does not come from a specific URL path. Content owners configure one or more URL's that end users can come from and successfully request content hosted by the CDN.

RTMPe is fast, real-time encryption supported by the Flash Media Server that secures data transfer between the server and the client. This feature prevents third-party applications from listening to or "ripping" the stream. RTMPe is enabled on a per-request basis and is available for both Flash On-Demand and Flash Live.

SWF Verification
SWF Verification is an Adobe Flash Media Server feature that compares the SWF playing in the client with one or more SWFs approved by the content publisher. Akamai's FMS servers inspect both the Flash player size and the Flash player hash, or the last 32 bytes of the first handshake packet. If the players are not an exact match, the end user is blocked from viewing the stream. This feature prevents manipulated or foreign players from accessing the video. No code changes in the player are needed to support SWF Verification. This product is enabled on a per-account basis; meaning that all live or on-demand Flash video within the account needs to be delivered to an approved player.

Live Streaming IP Lock & Login (Push Ingest)
The Streaming Factory provides two methods of preventing stream source hijacking on Live Push ingest. IP Lock allows only a specified IP address to provide the source stream to an Akamai push publishing point. This product is supported for both Windows Live Push and Flash Live Push, where Push is the method of getting the source feed for the live video stream. Secondly, login requires an authentication step for an encoder that wants to push a feed to Akamai's Live Flash publishing point. This feature is enabled per-stream and is currently supported for Flash Live.

Rendering Duration
Restricts how long the player can play the stream. The server will stop sending data when the time is reached.