Pay Per View Streaming Solutions

Add valuable content and be rewarded by generating new revenue, giving yourself the ability to turning your video player into a cash generator. We offer seamless integration into both live and on-demand streaming with ease

Imagine getting an automatic income stream from all your viewers. All you need to do is provide the media files or broadcast the live event. With The Streaming Factory you can charge your viewers for all the value you offer. You are in complete control of the price. This allows you to convert all the value of your content into income.

Pay Per Event
Charge for the broadcasting of a live event. Your viewers can watch your event in real time, for a fixed price per viewer. This is perfect for monetizing live concerts, sports matches, and conferences.

Subscription Base
Select this option to generate a stable income stream from your loyal audience. This is perfect for teachers and trainers who have valuable material to share on regular basis.

Online Rental
Monetize your collection of media files. You can charge your audience for viewing a file, like renting out a DVD or CD. This allows you to turn valuable existing media files into cash. Keep getting paid for content that you created in the past. Now you can sell they same material over and over to your new users.