Live & On-Demand Streaming Solutions

Our Live & On-Demand Solutions will make you look good all the time.

Live Streaming
Online audiences today won't make concessions for poor performance, you must be able to deliver the highest quality experiences every time. This is true for all live events, even those with viewers in every far-reaching corner of the world. The Streaming Factory has partnered with Akamai to deliver live Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media and Silverlight streaming. We can stream all live events to your target audiences, whether your viewer numbers are projected to be in the dozens or in the millions.

On-Demand Streaming
Whether your goal is to build a premier online video web site and monetize your video content, or if you are simply looking to increase your existing site's stickiness by adding strategically placed video content, we can help you deliver compelling, high-quality user experiences. The Streaming Factory CDN was built for cross-platform support for the on-demand streaming of rich media content to any browser or device. We offer several pre-built player options, and we can work with you to implement advanced player functionality for your Flash and Silverlight -driven videos.

If you are unsure of which service you require, give us a call at 1.877.674.7235 and we will be happy to talk you through your options.