Corporate Streaming Solutions

Picture being able to deliver your message to every employee in your organization simultaneously across the globe, whether you have 600 or 6,000,000 viewers, we can deliver a secure and scalable solution for you utilizing Akamai's CDN.

Company Announcements
In any company, communicating important new initiatives, visions, changes or partnerships effectively and efficiently is essential. Our Corporate Video Streaming solutions offer every corporation the ability to securely and reliably share live video announcements at any time. This empowers you to cost-effectively reach everyone in your organization.

New Product Introductions
Our products and services empower you to effectively train and energize your customers, prospects and partners about your new products and services in a much more engaging and cost-effective way than traditional methods. On-demand video provides a repeatable and convenient viewing experience that your audience can absorb at their own pace, and when they are in the best environment. You can also expand your reach with smart device streaming, so no matter where the end user is, they can watch your video over and over. Video also saves on travel costs, and helps keep your teams focused and motivated in a fast, rapidly changing competitive environment.

If you would like to discuss your requirements in detail over the phone, our friendly advisors are always happy to explain anything to you and talk you through the various options available to you. Call us at 1.877.674.7235